Holograph Wills - Hand-Written, No Witnesses

Powers of Attorney for Health and Property

Legals for Life (LFL) includes all documents above

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Holographic Will | How It Works

Holograph Wills - Hand-Written, No Witnesses

What is a Holograph Will? Hand-written, legal document under Statute Law – no lawyers or witnesses needed. A formal Will requires a lawyer and 2 witnesses.

How does it work? Follow the precedent and easy to follow instructions. This will not take long.

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Fill in the forms for the Holograph Will and the 2 POA's (Powers of Attorney for Health & Property)


Give a copy of your Will to your Executor and the 2 POA's to those named. Inform the Executor and those named on the POA's as to where these original documents are securely stored.

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Holygraphic Will
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  • Two Powers of Attorney
  • Official Court Recognized Will
  • No lawyers needed
  • No witnesses needed
  • Powers of Attorneys are Included
  • POA's equally as important as Wills
  • Peace of Mind

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Holograph Will (HW)?
There are two types of Will.
One, the most well known, is a Formal Will, typed, two witnesses, typically a lawyer is involved, signed by the Testator, the person making the Will.
Second, less known, is the HW, handwritten and signed by the Testator, a lawyer is not required, no witnesses.
2. Is a Holograph Will legal?

a) Yes, a HW is as legal as a Formal Will. There is a famous Case a long time ago of a farmer signing a one line note on the fender of his tractor under which he was pinned, leaving everything he had to his wife, which was accepted as a valid Will by the Court.

b) Also, the Legislature confirmed by Statute that a HW was legal, set out in Section 6 of the Succession Law Reform Act. RSO

c) (Revised Statutes of Ontario),1990, c. S. 26, which states:

“A testator may make a valid will wholly by his or her own handwriting and signature without formality and without the presence or signature of a witness.”

3. Can a HW be amended?

Yes, just like a Formal Will, called a Codicil, the HW can be amended but, again, it is done simply by the Testator’s own handwriting with no witnesses and without need of a lawyer.

4. How many people should do a HW?

In my 47 years as a lawyer in Ontario, before I ceased practicing law in January, 2022, so I cannot give legal advice, but can provide legal information, my observation is that the vast majoriy of the population can do HW Wills, up to them, but it is recommended by authorities that for   more complicated or complex Estates, it should be a Fornal Will with a  lawyer. 

5. How should I store my HW?

There must only be one originally signed HW, placed either in a safe, a safety deposit box, or a  secure and private place at home. The Executor(s) should be given a copy only and be advised how to obtain the original. The same applies to any Codicil (changes).

6. What happens if I don't have my Will or Powers Of Attorney (POA for Health and Property Done (Legals For Life: LFL)?
There are many bad and irreversible consequences if your LFL are not done. some of which are listed below :
a) you lose your right and only opportunity and legal method  to determine what happens to your assets and money. In your lifetime, without the POA. when you are no longer competent to manage your own affairs, and you have no control to ensure how you are taken care of.  On your death, you lose control on how your Estate is managed and who gets what and when. 
b) Without your LFL, many Government laws take over about what happens to you and your Estate.
c) Too often conflicts arise between beneficiaries which increasingly leads to expensive and emotional  litigation which negatively impacts everyone-family, friends, creditors, etc.
d) you leave a poor example for the next generations; and 
e) you irreparably tarnish your legacy. 
7. Why do people delay, proctastinate about doing their POA?

There are various reasons studied about this perplexing question, as about 57% of Canadians do not have their LFL done, some of which reasons are below:
a) fear of dying, known as ‘thanatophobia’, or fear of losing their ability to think for themselves, known as ‘not competent to handle their own affairs’, both of which fears are triggered when dealing with LFL. 

b) the natural tendency of many people to adopt an attitude of why put off only until tomorrow what can be put off until the day after tomorrow?!
c) individuals are too busy about the time it will take and the costs involved in getting your end-of-life affairs in order, including insurance matters, type of disposal of body and funeral arrangements, seeing lawyers and legal fees, and a myriad of other excuses.
This website offers a simple, efficient and cost-effective solution to overcome these obstacles. Get started.

The idea behind Legals For Life

Meet Ernest G. Tannis

For over 46 years the Ottawa lawyer has championed a plan to change the way we do justice.

On Dec. 31, 2022, he ceased practicing law and member with the Law Society of Ontario, in which role he can give legal information, but not legal advice; he no longer acts as a Barrister or Solicitor. We now maintain a Mediation and Negotiation Consultant Practice, is involved in developing over a long period of time, various online educational programs with different partners, for lawyers and paralegals in Ontario and for the general public and busines communities.

Ernest G. Tannis

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